How To Get Clients As A Virtual Assistant

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One of the most common questions I’m asked by new virtual assistants is “How do I get clients as a virtual assistant?” Booking your first client is always the hardest but also the most rewarding! It’s an incredible moment when you have someone who is ready to invest in you and your services!  Unfortunately, the majority of the time they won’t be searching for you. So, what should you be doing to find and book that first client? Let’s dive in! 

Join Facebook communities 

A great & FREE way to begin marketing yourself and your services is to join free Facebook community groups. In these groups, you can get to know other business owners, learn about potential job opportunities, and market your own services. While not every opportunity is going to be a good fit, this is a great first step to take to find jobs. It also gives you an idea of what skill sets business owners are looking for when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant. 

What I love to do in these groups as well is to search for new job leads every few weeks. You can simply search “jobs” or “virtual assistant” in the group and see if anyone has posted any new opportunities. Some of my favorite free groups to join are Goal Diggers Podcast, How She Did That – A Community For Virtual Assistants & OBM’s, and The Creative Virtual Assistant Lounge

Network with other business owners

Getting to know other business owners will be such a HUGE help as you begin to search for your first client. This could look like the following (but is not limited to):

  • Interacting with people in a Facebook community,
  • Following other business owners on Instagram and starting conversation with them
  • Attending in-person conferences.

I landed my first client at a conference but I know other virtual assistants who have landed their first clients just using social platforms or even through sending emails to get the conversation started. There are a number of ways to network with other business owners both in person and remotely. Remember too that you never know where a connection may lead so always put your best foot forward when it comes to making a solid first impression. 

Offer free discovery calls 

As you begin to network with other business owners, don’t be afraid to offer a free discovery call. Discovery calls are simply a “get to know you” type call with another business owner. Typically these are to see if you will be a good fit for their team or if you think this client will be a good fit for your roster. During this time too, you can talk about what services you offer and how you can help in their business. This is very much a time for “discovery” but could be a great way to land you a new client.

As your business begins to grow, you can use discretion how much you want to be offering these calls but in the beginning they are a really solid way to meet other business owners and pitch yourself as a virtual assistant. 

Market your services on social media

Finally, begin to market yourself and your services on social media. Most people create a separate Instagram account for their  business so that they can have an account exclusive to their business. It should be noted too though that personal branding goes a long way on social media as well so don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some posts about who you are in your everyday life. 

Setting up a fresh space for you to share all about being a virtual assistant also allows a new audience of people to begin following you. These will be people who are interested in your VA journey, could be prospective clients, and other business owners so you can begin to build a community. Social media is essentially a free marketing platform so take advantage of it as you grow your business. 

Learning how to get clients as a virtual assistant and then booking that first client can take some time but it could also happen very quickly. Everyone’s journey is different but you want to be sure you set yourself up for success as new clients come. Being intentional with marketing your services, networking with other business owners, and being a part of online communities will serve your business well and help you get one step closer to becoming a fully booked VA. 

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