How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business

A few years ago I decided to step into the online business space by becoming a virtual assistant. That decision radically changed my life forever. However, I had no clue where to begin when it came to stepping into the online space. I love teaching other people how to jumpstart their own businesses in way less time than it took me. I’ve helped people launch their own VA businesses within 30 days. This post will walk through a sample timeline. Everyone’s journey is different but, my hope is that this post can help take some of the guesswork and overwhelm out of learning how to start a virtual assistant business. 

Week 1: File for an EIN number & register business

First, you want to file for an EIN number (employee identification number) through the IRS. Think of this like your social security number for your business. It’s a simple application process that you can complete HERE. This is a MUST! You will need this number for all tax purposes and for your business to be legitimate. After you’ve filed for your EIN, the next thing you’ll want to do is register your business with your state. Every state is different as far as what their requirements are so make sure to consult with your accountant if you hav specific questions.

Additionally, this is also where you’ll decide to if you want to be a sole proprietor or LLC and what your business name will be. Some states too require that you register your business every year so you’ll want to be sure to check in on that in order to avoid any additional fees. 

Week 2: Purchase legal contracts & setup system

Furthermore, once you have your business registered and your’ve obtained your EIN, the next thing you’ll want to do is purchase legal contracts for your business. So many people ask me, “Do I really need a contract so early in business?” The answer is “ABSOLUTELY yes!”. You may not think that any legal issues could arise so early in business but they could and you want to have peace of mind that your business is protected. I personally purchase all of my contracts through The Legal Paige and have for years! You can check out her contract shop HERE and if you like, take an additional 10% off any purchase with my affiliate code “DAHLIA”. 

After you have contracts purchased, you’ll want to have a client relationship management software as well. My favorite platform is Honeybook! This will allow you to manage all of your new clients, send contracts and invoices to them,  and even schedule calls if you like. It is a must-have tool for any new virtual assistant! You can take 35% off your first year of Honeybook or just try it out for free if you like with my referral code HERE. And, if you decide you’d like to use this software but aren’t sure how to set it up, you can checkout The Honeybook Series mini courses to help with the learning curve. 

Week 3: Join Facebook groups & market services

Finally, once you’re platform is setup and your business is legally protected, it’s time to begin marketing your services! You want to be sure too before you market what you’re offering that you have your packages and pricing in place too. After you finalize these things, the BEST place to begin marketing yourself is within Facebook groups. Before I go any further, in order to succeed in the online space, you MUST put yourself out there in order to land new opportunities.

People won’t know who you are or what you offer if you don’t share that with them. I used to be very shy in the online space until I realized that I could never grow or scale a business without sharing about how I can help people. Don’t be afraid to market yourself and your services! 

A few of my favorite Facebook groups that you could immediately jump into are Goal Diggers Podcast, How She Did That – A Community For Virtual Assistants & OBM’s, and The Creative Virtual Assistant Lounge. What I love to do as well is search the group and see if anyone has posted about any new job opportunities and comment on the post with how people can schedule a call with me. 

Week 4: Schedule discovery calls & book new clients

Finally, as you begin to market your services and people begin to reach out, set up discovery calls with these potential new clients. Connecting with potential clients over a discovery call allows you to have conversations face to face. Furthermore, you can learn more about their business. And finally, you can get a feel for personalities to see if you think you’ll be a good fit. And then most importantly, of course, if you and your new client click and you want to move forward, seal the deal with them by sending over your contract and invoice!

Lastly, do a big happy dance cause you’ve officially booked your first client as a virtual assistant! In conclusion, be reminded that again, everyone’s journey is different so go at your own pace. Know too that this CAN be done!  Now more than ever business owners are in need of support behind the scenes so don’t be afraid to chase after this dream to start a virtual assistant business of your own! 

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