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Choosing the Best CRM For Creatives

January 3, 2022

I’m a firm believer that having a system in place right from the start of your business is HUGE! But, systems are not a one-size fits all. Too often creatives try to pick a system because they saw that it worked for their friend’s business. The reality is though that every business owner needs to find what works for them AND what works for their business. But when it comes to choosing the best CRM for creatives, there are 3 things to consider that will help you narrow the options. 

What are the specific needs for your business?

The very first thing you want to think about when choosing your CRM or any system for your business is “Will it help with the needs I have?” If you’re in need of a system that will send invoices, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, and more then an email marketing platform won’t be a good fit. Or if you need a system that has a certain level of automations, some basic CRM platforms may not be the best fit. Think through what some of the most basic needs are for you to run your business before picking a CRM. Don’t be afraid to start a free trial on a platform to take a deeper look at the features, watch Youtube videos, and research for yourself before investing into a platform. 

Do you value simple or do you like to have more intricacies within a system?

The next thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing a CRM for your business is what do you value when it comes to the interface & features. Are you someone who craves simplicity? Or do you like to have a more detailed-oriented system with high level intricacies? Most business owners I talk to really enjoy simple! But some really love high level automations and honestly, their business might not do well with a simpler system. 

But how do you assess this? The easiest way is through your personality. Whenever I talk to someone about if a system will work for them I always ask about their personality. If you are easily overwhelmed by technology and having too many options in a system, then a simpler approach will be KEY!

One of the simplest CRM’s that I always recommend to business owners is Honeybook! I’ve actually used it myself for years and enjoy that it’s simple and easy but also has some high level workflows and automations that are a great fit for my business. If you’ve never tried it before but are interested, you can sign up for a free trial or take 35% off your first year with my referral code HERE

What will you actually use

Lastly, this is often an overlooked step but it’s a VERY important one! And that’s considering what system you will actually use. I’ve seen time and time again, business owners sign up for the shiny new system and they think, “This is it! It’s going to work for me!” Now, it may serve the needs of your business but if you don’t love the interface and are overwhelmed by all the features, you simply won’t use it. Too many business owners say, “I tried ________ and it just didn’t work for me”. Myself included here! 

I tried many of the mainstream platforms for CRM’s and project management systems before I landed on what I found that I enjoyed using everyday. It truly is a game changer! Here’s my encouragement too: give your system a chance before writing it off. There’s always a learning curve that comes when you jump into a new system. Give it a try for a solid 14 days and then if you find you don’t love it and it doesn’t help your business, switch things up! 

Finding a CRM or any system for your business can feel like an arduous process but the process is worth it! It will most likely take some time and trial and error so give yourself grace as you’re finding what works. Once you find what works though, dive into it with confidence! Finding the right CRM will change everything! I’d love to hear what CRM you are currently using or what you’ve tried before and if you have specific questions! 

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