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How to Know What System to Use For Your Business

May 11, 2023

So here’s the deal! When we talk about considering what system to use, it really comes down to two different things. 1 – It’s the system that works best for you personally 2 – it’s the system that works for your business!

In this video, I’m going to elaborate on that a little bit. I’m going to talk about a few of the things you should consider while selecting a system for your business. But first, I’d like to make a side note! I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating! When we’re talking about choosing a system for your business, don’t just choose the system that worked for your friend or for another business owner! You and your business are unique!

Tell Me About Your Personality

What do you enjoy? Do you like checklists? Do you like having things simple? These things really matter when it comes to choosing a system for your business. And we often overlook those little details and then get into a system and we feel like we’re obligated to use it! But then we never actually use the system because we don’t actually enjoy navigating around and learning it. We don’t actually enjoy being in that system. So make sure to consider that. Ask yourself “Do I actually enjoy using this? Would I want to use it every day in my business? Do I find it simple enough that I can understand it?” Understanding a system is important especially if you have a team and you need to teach your team how to use it. But the second thing you also have to consider is, does it work well for your business?

Does It Work For My Business?

Now, this is another aspect that is often forgotten. People usually invest into a system that works well for somebody else’s business and not their own. You have to really consider what the needs of your business are before diving into an investment. Do you need a platform that gives you a lot of automations? Are you needing a high level project management tool? Do you need something that you can make a lot of templates in? What are the needs of your business and how does that system and that platform actually work? If you love using the system but it isn’t super helpful for your business, then it’s actually inefficient and not beneficial, right?

Needle in a Haystack

Sometimes people feel like finding the right system is like finding a needle at a haystack. Now, I will say, you will never find a perfect system! Every system has its limitations to it, and you’ll never find one that’s going to be entirely perfect across the board. However, use the one that works really well for your business that you also enjoy using. There might be a few things along the way that you wish were different in each system. But if your thoughts are “overall, it’s a great platform. I can use it and I really enjoy it. I can teach my team members how to use it and it works really well for my business“, then ABSOLUTELY use it!

Where Do I Get Started?

Get started with one. Just pick one for now, and then if you don’t love it, go ahead and take advantage of a free trial, and then you can always go to another one. But really think through first, what does my business actually need? And what do I know about myself and platforms I’ve tried in the past? What am I actually looking for in a platform that I want to use long-term for my business?

To be honest, it took me a few years to find a system that I really enjoyed using for my own business. I’ve tried a bunch of them and now I’ve finally got it down to a rhythm where I love using these platforms, they work really well for me, and they help the needs of my business too.

Don’t Give Up!

Of course, it might take time, so don’t give up on it! Don’t feel defeated. I would love to help in any capacity that I can. So, of course, leave a comment below if you have a question or even if you have a couple questions about the differences between a couple systems too. I’d love to answer those questions for you.

Please, Ieave a comment and let me know what system you have found to work for your own business, how you found it, and how it’s helped your business, and why you enjoy using it behind the scenes.

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