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Is Honeybook a Good CRM for Coaches?

April 5, 2023
Dahlia Orth discusses if Honeybook is a good fit for business coaches

One of the most common questions I get asked is , “who’s HoneyBook for? And “Is it a good fit for me and my business?” Is HoneyBook a good platform for coaches?

In today’s video, we’re going to be talking specifically about coaches and how HoneyBook can actually help you in your own coaching business. We will also touch on a few ways that it might not be able to help you as much.

Why HoneyBook is a Great Tool!

HoneyBook is a great tool for your coaching business because it is client-facing. That means that it is built for clients to come in and you can manage their project behind the scenes. Through HoneyBook, you have the ability to invoice and do payment plans. HoneyBook also gives you the capability of scheduling out your sessions with clients. It’s convenient that it’s all in one place – a one-stop shop!

Also, HoneyBook allows you to send out pricing guides, so you can give out options for packages you offer and then people can pick those packages. Once they select a package, you can send a contract to them. So there are a lot of ways that you can onboard your clients into your coaching program through HoneyBook.


The other tool that HoneyBook offers is questionnaires. This can be used to your advantage because if you have a new client, you can send them a new client questionnaire. You can get to know them before they even book a call with you! Super simple! I love that because you can set that up as a template and then you can send it out automatically.

Individual Project Space

Each individual client of yours has their own project space. All of your communication with them can be personalized and stored within their project. You can email back and forth with them in a way that is customized to your coaching client. And you’ll also be able to send and see the different documents within this space. One of the other things that I love about HoneyBook is you can actually get organic testimonials through questionnaires as well! Which is such a perk!

Why HoneyBook May Not be a Good Fit


On the flip side, it might not be a great platform if you’re really trying to scale your business. If you’re a coach that wants 50 people in your program (which is a great thing) it might be difficult to manage. 50 separate clients behind-the-scenes, in their personalized projects, is a lot to juggle.

In other platforms, you’re able to go in, and look at all the attendees or the members of your coaching program in one place. So that’s where HoneyBook may not be the best fit and you may want to look into Kajabi.


The other thing that HoneyBook is not a great fit for is if you have video in your coaching program. If the nature of your coaching program has a video component to it, a different platform like a Kajabi Member Vault, may be a better option for you! Even Thrive Cart, with their new education, may be a better option. It’s built to be a place where you can put multiple videos that people can access very easily. Whereas HoneyBook, you’d have to individually upload all of those videos into each person’s project. If you have 50 coaching clients, it just creates a lot more work for you and it can’t be as streamlined.

Assess Your Needs

Next, my advice would be to see what are the needs of your coaching program and determine whether or not HoneyBook a good fit for it. If you’re just coaching 10 to 12 people at a time and can easily send questionnaires, and documents and can coach them behind the scenes, then HoneyBook would be a great fit for that.

But, if you’re really wanting to scale your coaching program and have a video component to it, or you want to upload documents that everybody can see and don’t want to do it individually, then more of an education-based platform would probably be the best fit for you! It’s really assessing the needs of your business and seeing if you actually enjoy using the system as well.

I hope that was super helpful! As always, I’d love to hear any questions you may have! Or, if you’re a coach and you’ve used HoneyBook for your own business, how has it worked and what have you found to be a great benefit? What have you found to be hard about it? And are you gonna be using it for scaling too?

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