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Is HoneyBook a Good Project Management Tool?

March 29, 2023
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As small business owners, it can be daunting to find a project management tool that works well for you and your business! One of the top five questions I’m asked is “Is HoneyBook a good project management tool?”

In today’s video, I’m going to give you a few reasons why HoneyBook probably is not the best option for a project management tool. But, I’m also gonna give you a few options of better project management tools for your business and why they might be better at helping you manage client projects.

CRM vs. Project Management

The first reason why HoneyBook is probably not a great project management tool is that it’s actually built to be a CRM. (Customer Relationship Management or Client Relationship Management). It’s very client-facing, whereas a project management tool in your business is primarily behind-the-scenes. While using HoneyBook, you can do things like booking clients, manage clients, send invoices and contracts, schedule, and send your pricing guide. These tasks are all client-facing instead of just behind the scenes.

The second reason that HoneyBook may not be your best option is really some of the lack of functionality. Honestly, in some of the features that HoneyBook lacks on the project management side, there are other platforms that will serve you better in your business.

So, those are the two primary reasons why I would say HoneyBook would not be the best option for a project management tool. Now, it’s not to say that you can’t add a task in there for yourself to remind you. And there is task management in HoneyBook. But, my recommendation would be if you’re considering a project management tool for your business, you might like to consider a different option. A few of those options would be Trello, Asana, Monday, and ClickUp. These are built to be pretty robust as project and task management software tools.

What is Best for YOU?

So you might ask yourself, “What options are out there, Dahlia? What are the differences? What system works for my business?” I always say the system that works well for your business is the one that works best for you and your business together. So oftentimes, we use platforms because that is the one that our friends like to use. Now, just because it works for your friend and their business does not mean that it will work smoothly for yours. When you’re considering which project management too to use, you wanna make sure you can think through, “Do I actually enjoy using this, and does it actually serve the needs of my business?” You have to have both. You have to both enjoy using it, AND it has to serve your business needs.


First, there is Trello. Trello utilizes more of a card view. So it will give you like, um, More of a visually appealing project management tool, if you like that. And you really value being able to like add pictures, different things that are very visually appealing for you.


Next, you have Asana, which is more like a checklist. It’s a much more deep project management tool. There are integrations, automation, and options that are a little more in-depth.


Then there’s ClickUp. I LOVE ClickUp for color coding purposes. ClickUp is very visually appealing with color coding, and it does a great job of moving projects and tasks into different phases. It is almost like a pipeline that you can move things through in different phases of your business very easily, very strategically, and it’s efficient and pretty. What’s not to love?


Now, the one that I actually use for my own business is Notion. I have really enjoyed Notion. I’m a big note-taker, and so I really like Notion for that reason. Notion gives me the capacity to take notes with the project management all built into one. There are also a lot of pretty templates that you can make in Notion. I do all of my content management there and all the content management for my clients there. Another thing I manage in Notion is a lot of workflows behind the scenes for my client work to keep that on track. I also house my to-do list there as well. So there are a lot of great options in Notion. I really find it to be an affordable option too.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing is another aspect you must consider when looking at a project management tool. “How much is it actually gonna cost me? Which one is affordable, and which one’s right for me?” There are some creative workarounds to different platforms, but most of the time, you’re going to be paying probably between $20 to $50 per month for a project management tool. Price varies depending on how many users you need within your actual business account or some of the features you might need. I really like Notion because it’s pretty affordable, and it gets the job done for me, and I’ve now used it for a couple of years in my business.

When considering if HoneyBook is the best project management tool or not, in my opinion, it is not a great fit for a project management tool. I would consider one of those other options, like Notion, Trello, Asana, or ClickUp, that are really built to be robust project management tools. These specific project management tools will help you internally manage the tasks of your business, manage the projects in your business, and know how well you’re doing with that!

Being able to assess where you’re at in finishing projects, hitting goals, and all of those different things is crucial to maintaining your business well. The tools listed above are built more for that.

So if you have any questions, of course, ask away! I would love to hear what project management tools you use for your business and why you picked it? I always love hearing about what other people have found to work for their own small businesses!

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